The Round Room on West Mountain
Image © Sid Roberts

Climbers of Hueco Tanks Co.

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The sports of climbing and bouldering are not governed by strict rules. However, due to the sensitive nature of Hueco Tanks State Historical Site, we ask all climbers and non-climbers to follow the appropriate behavior below when visiting the park.

  1. The desert is a fragile environment which does not recover from heavy traffic quickly. As a result, be mindful of pad placement. Do not place pads on plants and don't drag your pad over dirt areas. This increases erosion. Please pick your pad up and replace it.
  2. Leave artifacts untouched, respect closures, and avoid climbing at pictograph sites, whether or not a closure sign is present.
  3. Always respect the plant life and under no circumstances remove or prune plant life, even if it gets in the way of the boulder problem.
  4. No rosins and/or pof.
  5. Leave no trace. Erase tick marks and pack out all trash, especially climbing tape.
  6. Stick to established trails. Do not create new trails.
  7. While on tours, listen to your tour guides. Guides are there to ensure your safety while maintaining park rules. Their knowledge of the park and climbing problems are an important link in the climber-park relationship.
  8. Do not modify holds. This includes chipping or gluing. Hueco is a huge park; a better problem is right around the corner.
  9. Respect the park staff. Make sure you are outside the park gate or in the campground by closing. Make sure you are packing up to leave the park at least a half hour before the park closes.